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Men dating in sweeden quotpowered phpbb quot

until one of them said, "um, we have a girl present", or "before you came, I would say 'stop acting like a girl'..." But I don't think they are intentionally demeaning and I don't take it personally.

After all, I've been mostly in the company of males ever since middle school math teams. I am rather worried about starting a family if I'm going for an academic job, because I don't see an easy solution so far...

(case in point: low confidence in one's ability huh.)It's harder if there's a two-body problem where both parties are academics.

The main points the article focuses on are: Socialization Barriers The article goes on to discuss how different policy changes, such as allowing tenure to take more years, same amount of time spent in the lab, would increase the number of women in academia.

I might caution you, however, that academia can really stink for other reasons. ) because I somewhat doubted the neutrality of the study.

We collected data from departmental academic records on advisors and advisees and interviewed female and male faculty members, female graduate students and academic administrators. Supplementing this, data were also gathered for students who dropped out of their programs prior to earning their doctorate. Women feel discouraged from going to work when they have a baby? It is very true that there are more women in the humanities, and I can imagine the difficulty of being a male in those discipline, but I'm not sure it quite translates.

The quantitative data consists of a listing of current graduate students, along with Ph. recipients over the last five years, paired with their main faculty advisors (from one of the departments, electrical engineering, data on Ph. So many of the issues raised have nothing to do with academia, and everything to do with the women being surveyed. College has traditionally been a 'man's world' and therefore a man, even in a female dominated area, will typically have some advantages that women do not. This is not to say that sexism against men is not prevalent - I know it is, and it's in no way shape or form fair.

The fact that you can say demeaning things about men and have it laughed off while you cannot say that about a women without being shunned is something our society still has to work on.

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Decisions like "who should we hire" are typically made by big department meetings of the faculty - and the senior faculty are still mostly old white males.