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Dating god dan horan

The new Pope is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina. What the last Pope proponents see as more significant is that Pope Francis is a theological conservative Jesuit.

He is a son of Italian parents so some think that qualifies him as being a Roman. Francis of Assisi who some say was once named Francesco di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone. They say that means that he will try to establish a one world religion under his own authority.

Jesuits are much of the mystery in Mystery Babylon.

Today, the Jesuits are having great influence in once Evangelical theological seminaries and Bible colleges thanks to the influence they had on Peter Drucker, Richard Foster, C. Many of the top leaders in the evangelical movement are now dismissing doctrine and promoting mysticism implanted by Jesuits.

There are countless articles written on the Jesuits but to separate fact from fiction takes real scholarship.

I do not have a clue if they actually say the gruesome oaths that have been attributed to them and that are all over the Internet. So who really knows about what goes on in highly secretive societies?

Expect to hear much more about mystical experiences all over the world and expect to hear messages that have a humanistic gospel of social justice and good works in all messages coming from this church or related demonic apparitions.

You name an intellectual movement in mainline seminaries that turned Protestant pastors into liberals and the Jesuits were probably behind it.

There is good reason to believe that the Jesuits are behind globalist organizations and ideologies.

Those that think world events are being orchestrated by a Masonic conspiracy probably should be looking a layer deeper for the Jesuit connection.

That heretical doctrine from this Pope would be appropriate infallible Bull for deception (pun intended).

In any case, I have no doubt that Mary apparitions are going to play an increasing role to help sway people toward their ecumenical end.

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If anything, under his leadership, the Catholic Church will become more mystical and will harp on a gospel of social justice and ecumenical dominionism led by the Vatican.

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