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Psychic photo personal dating

Jorianne begins with a quick meditation, then pours cream into a cup of steaming coffee.

I decided to investigate the paranormal to find out why I could hear and see things that others could not and what to do with this gift." My connection to reading coffee psychically began early in my paranormal explorations says Jorianne.

I was discussing different methods of divination with my sister-in-laws cousin, who is Hispanic, and she introduced me to the use of reading coffee this way which is traditional in Hispanic cultures.

Being a coffeeholic myself, this seemed a natural for me and was my first attempt at learning how to access information psychically.

Instead of being discouraged, Jorianne insisted on going in and making her five dollars back. Not knowing who this woman was, and really wanting the , Jorianne told her shed do the reading for . She received her Associate in Arts degree and continued at Governors State University in Illinois, majoring in psychology.

As she set up her equipment, she found the doorman was right, no one was there. She was approached by young woman, Rae Schiff, who asked her how much the readings were. By the time she was done with the reading, they looked at her in amazement and asked What are you doing here at Excalibar? Ray Schiff, an event planner, shared with her that she was working on a grand opening event for a store and asked Jorianne if she would help organize the event and guest appear. Jorianne also became a certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki healer (a form of hands-on-healing).

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