Adult chat zone review

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Adult chat zone review

You can choose any out of four options allowing to schedule the future chat sessions: You can determine the number of days.

If you select Yes for this setting, learners can click on the title of the chat room and then view past sessions to see any interactions that have taken place in the chat room.You can decide here whether or not allow everyone to view past chat sessions.Instructors in a course can always view transcripts from sessions in the chat rooms.It is useful to name your chat room with a name that implies its purpose.For example, if you will be using your chat room for virtual office hours, then you might name your chat room “Virtual Office.” Alternatively, if the chat room is designed solely to give learners a place to socialize or discuss class activities, you might name the chat room “Student Lounge.” Type the description of the chat here.

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If you choose Hide, then only someone with teacher or administrative permissions in the chat will be able to see it.