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“I’m now a fully DIY artist, with no record label, and I’ve paid for all of this out of my own savings and lines of credit.

So the funds from Kickstarter are a very welcome boost to paying off those expenses,” she wrote on the crowd-funding website.

calls “ambitious yet always tuneful…gorgeous and haunting.” Each has garnered attention in their own right: Vienna has appeared on Letterman, NPR and the CBS Early Show, and toured with artists such as Shawn Colvin, India. Alex has produced records for celebrated singer/songwriters Ari Hest and Amber Rubarth, as well as his own project The Paper Raincoat (recently a featured artist on i Tunes), and won Best Original Score in the L.

In live performance, using an array of instruments along with looping pedals and effects—but no pre-recorded tracks of any kind—the duo veers from intimate to epic and back again, showcasing their love for an ever-widening range of genres: folk, pop, classical, jazz, country, even atonal modern music.

A few weeks later at a show Vienna played in Brooklyn, Ben met Alex Wong, who often tours with Vienna, and invited him to be a guest on the show.

The song we wrote and recorded with Vienna was inspired by her then-graduate work in sustainable development.

I'm still working to fulfill the rewards from the Kickstarter campaign. Still, she found it an amazing way to create something in collaboration with other people, and to bring artists closer to the people they make music for. It was enough of an event that an entire music community of music fans could really come together.

She described the move as a “simple decision.” “I think my relationship with music would be healthiest if it wasn't my full-time career anymore,” she said.

“It has worked out well for me because I felt that I can do music on my own terms without other people's livelihood relying on me.” “It's good for me because I can make decisions like touring Asia and it doesn't have to be profitable, and it doesn't have all these expectations attached to it.” Despite the cons of not being attached to a label, such as the lack of a team dedicated to promoting her, she said she felt it was a way of getting back to her roots -- just traveling and connecting with her fans.

She took time off from work to go on tour, but is also looking forward to going back to the office because she likes what she does, namely working on environmental sustainability issues.

On her Kickstarter page, Teng wrote that if they reach either 1,400 backers or ,000 -- whichever comes first -- she will perform in Canada, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Australia in 2014.

Fortunately for her Pinoy fans, she got over 1,452 backers who contributed US,640.

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Wong began his career in 1997 when he joined The Din Pedals.

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