Danger of dating a schizophrenic best dating guide pdf

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For example, Keith and Matthews (1991) defined it as "a heterogeneous group of behaviors temporally related to the onset of psychosis" (p. Essentially, the term refers to a period of prepsychotic disturbance, representing a deviation from a person's previous experience and behavior.

As in clinical medicine, prodrome is a retrospective concept, diagnosed only after the development of definitive symptoms and signs.

They may have put it down to "a phase he was going through" (particularly in the case of adolescents) or thought it was worries at work.

Recall may be affected by a long delay between changes first occurring and obvious psychotic symptoms developing (Fava and Kellner 1991).

It may also be influenced by "effort after meaning," which refers to patients and families looking for an event that seemed to start all the changes and dating their histories from that point (Tennant 1985; Henderson 1988; Fava and Kellner 1991; Hirsch et al. This scenario may not be how things actually evolved.

Other factors can also affect accuracy of recall, such as family guilt at not having noticed changes earlier or not having taken action sooner.

The family may not have noticed any changes at all until the signs of obvious psychosis were apparent.

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This is followed by the specific rash, making definitive diagnosis possible (Yung and Stanley 1989).