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They want it to work well, taste good, be reasonably priced, and look pretty. I promise you, if Pepsi would disappear tomorrow, most Pepsi "loyalists" would switch over to Coke with very little psychological damage.

Byron Sharp has said much more articulately in his book, How Brands Grow) most of what we call "brand loyalty" is simply habit, convenience, mild satisfaction or easy availability.

That’s one of the least crazy things he’s said in a long, fascinating history of fuckery.

If he said the sky was blue, I would suspect it was because it had turned purple.

And they’ll use any talking point that they think sells. She’s famously talked about missing nearly an entire year of school with multiple vaccine preventable diseases “but look at how healthy she is.” This is called survivors bias, because remember, not all children survived these disease.

Here’s a rundown of coverage on Mercola from Bad Science Debunked, and here’s a thoroughly deserved shredding from Gorski.

David Wolfe- I’ve mentioned him in my writing more than once.

Besides, Mike Adams already admitted it was all satire. Modern Alternative Health- Kate Tietje rebranded into the misleading Modern Alternative Health, leaving out that it’s not healthy to deny your child vaccines, benadryl, epipens, or all forms of real medicine like she recommends.

If she had a bigger following, she’d be the most dangerous Mommy blogger on the internet.

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He thinks gravity is a toxin unless you’re doing handstands or something. Bulletproof Executive- claims overpriced 600 calorie hot buttered coffee reduces your appetite and gives you energy.

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