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Experimenters studying round-the-world propagation of radio waves found their outgoing pulses were being returned to them with a delay of three sec­onds, as if they were being amplified and returned by something at the distance of the Moon - but definitely not the Moon it­self.

In later experiments the delay times began to vary up­wards from three seconds, in increasingly complicated sequen­ces, but with no variation in intensity - still indicating a single source amplifying and returning the pulses. Ron Bracewell of Stan­ford suggested in 1960 that the 'echoes' might have been re­broad­cast by an unmanned probe from another civilis­ation, trying to attract our attention, and in 1972 I worked out a 'trans­lat­ion' of the 1920's echo patterns.

Having quit his leadership bid when outed for sexting, Crabb now fesses up to having sent “explicit messages” to a woman of 19 he interviewed for a job in 2013 when a minister for Wales.

This scandal isn’t about Garnier and Crabb, two among dozens of MPs whose private lives would no-doubt illuminate the rancid inadequacies of the middle-aged male if brought to public notice. It’s a whipping system designed to hide misdemeanours and use them later for political gain.

Of all prime-ministerial perks, the most obscure is the gossip.

Everyone knows about the grand houses, the quality time with the monarch and the power to go to war.

It was based on the mystery of long-delayed radio 'echoes' (LDEs), first reported in the 1920s.

Actually, the 'echoes' were much too powerful to be simple reflections of signals from Earth.

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” if she did, and the hostage of a tottering Government that could fall at any time for any number of reasons.

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