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Education loans have helped several aspiring students across the nation to fulfil their aspirations and dreams to study abroad.All one needs to do is, keep their GRE/GMAT scores in hand, their university admit letter, and their mark sheets.The rate of interest across the country for education loans range from 10% to 16.50%.However the rate of interest may vary bank to bank or any other financial institution or NBFC.When we speak about documents when it comes to education loans, all one needs to do is, keep their GRE/GMAT scores in hand, their university admit letter, and their mark sheets.With all of this, the bank or the financial institution runs a check on the co-borrowers credit scores and once that is done, the results for the same is notified to the customer The Education loan executive made my job a lot easier, as the person took care of the documentation process as well guided me to get the required details to get the Education loan sanctioned.Education loans in India have been disbursed even for the amount of 50 Lakhs and above, but this is purely case to case basis.Some students may require an education loan of more than 50 Lakhs and it is disbursed on the basis of the kind of property one can mortgage or even unsecured (without property/collateral) if the company provides the same.

Fed funds transactions can be initiated by either a funds lender or a funds borrower.

Things have become faster and more streamlined reducing the turnaround time for banks to process these loans The amount of education loan that one can provide to students depends totally on the amount required by the student themselves.

Education loans cover not just the fees but also any and all other expenses incurred by the student during their tenure of study.

Most overnight loans are booked without a contract.

The borrowing and lending institutions exchange verbal agreements based on various considerations, particularly their experience in doing business together, and limit the size of transactions to established credit lines in order to minimize the lender's exposure to default risk.

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Thus many firms ask for collateral while providing education loans in India.

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