Accommodating esl students classroom

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Blalock & Partners Architectural Design Studio is an award-winning firm of architects and design professionals located in Salt Lake City, Utah.Directed by its principal and founder, Kevin Blalock, AIA, the firm currently holds licenses and practices in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming.The key to feeling comfortable in a foreign country is having close friends that know you and that look out for you, but that also understand the country where you are living.One of the benefits of serving while you are abroad is that the people whom you are serving take an active interest in your well-being.

Blalock and Partners has received numerous awards that acknowledge the firm’s ability to create innovative design solutions and its commitment to sustainability.Often volunteers are surprised by how much free time they actually have.We recommend using that time to the fullest, by setting personal goals, getting to know the culture, cultivating friendships, exploring, etc.Excursions can also be arranged during time off each weekend. Duolingual Education is a methodology developed by the late Dr. D., professor of Human Development and Psycholinguistics at Brigham Young University.Using the Duolingual Education methodology, teachers implement developmentally appropriate activities entirely in English with the children.

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