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Validating the vision statements

They will go over the proof from the beginning several times until they are satisfied.

We mean by a single train of thought that the validator focuses on the proof, or a supplemented version of it, in an uninterrupted way from beginning to end.

Rather we suggest that through experience they may come to conclude their validations by reviewing proofs in an unbroken train of thought because this provides increased reliability.For example, one might interview the mathematicians of a small department, or those that are producing research papers, or those that teach courses requiring them to evaluate student proofs.In order to get independent information from such mathematicians it might be good if they did not discuss validation before the interviews.A "think aloud" validation might also be useful, but the length or complexity of the proof might influence whether multiple passes through the proof were deemed necessary.One approach to partially answering this question would be to collect a set of purported "proofs" containing a variety of errors, and then to search for students who can find differing numbers and kinds of these errors.

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Also, as subjects occasionally shift their comments towards what they think an interviewer expects to hear, it might be helpful to avoid describing the exact purpose of an interview until its conclusion.