Updating your action replay

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There’s a ton of single player content from the main story campaign to quests that will keep completionists happy and busy.

The battles are downright hectic, busy, fast-paced, and edge-of-your-seat exciting, which is exactly the kind of action one would expect from a game like this.

Some of the bots will simply run around and shoot at you, other will camp, some will horde items and there are those that simply play the role of the tactically aggressive hunter - which is something that many players would certainly come to appreciate.

We noticed that there seems to be a very distinct difference in weapon classes now.

The beta release of Raze 2 is finally out and we are excited to the bone!

The game is everything that Sky 9 Games have promised -and a lot more.

There are plenty of new tweaks that have improved the graphics, performance and even gameplay of this arena-based platform shooter game.

Right off the start, Raze 2 is easily matching up to the reputation and the hype -but can its stylized graphics and classic gameplay live up to today's standards?

The Raze 2 game also sets you up in varying types of combat mechanics.From what we have seen, Raze is a pretty straightforward game.You aim, shoot and kill - in the meanwhile, you run around avoiding enemy fire, traps and environmental hazards as well as picking up various power ups and weapons along the way.Other keys access special actions, such as reloading, changing weapons or using special abilities.Putting two and two together is the game's varied AI constructs.

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