Blind dating movie songs coffee and a bagel dating

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Blind dating movie songs

Kurt quit the band during an interview, because of a fantasy relationship he had in his head and his band members used the words 'inspired by a fictitious relationship.Kurt was pining away for another girl, who he said he use to be angry at and about not having a steady commitment which took place a few years earlier from his marriage and his baby.I think its about being with someone(courtney)first just for the sex,but then she gets knocked up and he has to put up with her crap because they have a child.I think he is calling her addictive like tar song is about everything he thinks about her and wishes he could tell her,but he doesn't.

The dj asked Love, if she was a Pisces and she said that 'Kurt had an old girlfriend that was a Pisces that he said he got along allot better with.' Kurt turned to herion after his other, unknown girlfriend terminated a pregnancy due to Kurt's new found addiction.Also, in his last days, he supposedly bought 2 first class tickets from LA to Seattle, but sat with Duff from Guns-N-Roses on the plane, so I think Kurt probably was hoping to reconnect with his old girlfriend and she dumped him again. He sangs weeks not months, so he wasn't singing about Love but another lover.WOW, I don't know WHAT to think, there's all these theories of what it could mean it really gets me thinking, but do you see how much of an artist and how great of a poet Kurt Cobain would have had to have been to have people still wondering what any of his songs mean after all these years but it is true that hechanged subjects in some of his songs and he may have even had multiple meanings to some of his songs.I don't think people should be glorifyig or putting down mental illness.It's an unfortuante condition many people have to deal with.

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A mother that lies in a hospital bed dying while she gets to know her son, his forever in dept to her priceless advice shocked by all this he wishes she would throw down her umbilical noose so i can climb right back.

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