Battlefield bad company 2 weapons and gadgets not updating

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You can blow down trees, make holes in walls, or even blow down entire buildings. AKS-74U KRINKOV(AKS-74U) - 16000 Engineer Score to Unlock.

When firing your weapon at long range you must make sure you aim above the enemy to compensate for bullet fall due to gravity.

Along with those stats you can see the awards and dog tags yu have earned.

Onslaught Mode is a new edition to Battlefield Bad Company 2. The objective is to clear out areas and capture the flags like Conquest Mode. Makes you cleared it out or you will respawn next to enemies.

There are 13 levels total with three selectable difficulties. In the campaign you can find collectibles on either multiple or certain levels. SCAR-L CARBINE(SCAR-L) - 2500 Engineer Score to Unlock.

Once you have these collectibles you can find them in supply drops later on in the game.

There are also ammo crates scattered throughout missions that allow you to refill on ammo. All weapons in the Engineer Kit automatically have silencers/suppressors attached to them. They can use the following specializations: -Lightweight Combat Equipment -Ammo Hip Bandolier -Grenade Vest -Explosives Leg Pouch -Improved Demolitions -Magnum Ammo -Ceramic Body Armor -Red Dot Sight -4X Rifle Scope -Marksman SMG Training 9A-91 AVTOMAT(9A-91) - Default Unlocked.

This section is to play online multiplayer with friends.

This time in Bad Company 2 you have regenerative health. The Engineer Kit is used to repair and take out vehicles.

If you get killed you have to reload a previous checkpoint. The weapons used in the Engineer Kit are Sub Machine Guns and Compact Assault Rifles, all which are automatic. Engineers can use Rocket Launchers or anti tank mines as their secondary gadget.

The leaderboards show your rank compared to other people all over the world on your particular system (PS3/360/PC).

Under the stats section you can see your online stats such as kills, deaths, accuracy, favorite weapon, favorite vehicle, and scores on kits and rank.

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 is not like your ordinary First Person Shooter.

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