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Khaya fm dating

“I assumed if your brand is called khaya then you would do stuff aligned to such,” she wrote.Another tweet from her suggested that the reason for O’Sullivan’s appointment probably had more to do with the station’s ownership. Mazwai said the station was losing the plot and surrendering to “whiteness” when it was meant to be conveying the “black experience”.She also said Kaya FM was playing too much music from the US.Don’t miss out on rare tastings of limited-edition wines and whiskies.You’ll receive a complimentary glass for unlimited tastings, along with a selection of gourmet cheese, antipasti and artisanal breads. When one of her followers asked her why she herself wasn’t taking over the job of hosting Mabena’s old show, Mazwai was told that if Khanyi Mbau could do it, then anyone could.

Hyde Park Corner will be hosting the Kaya FM Wine & Malt Whisky Affair, where you can sample a variety of wines and whisky from around the world and mingle with fellow wine lovers and whisky aficionados.

Bob will be joining the company as its Group Head of Programming inits broadcasting department.

“I am looking forward to working with entrepreneurs who are committed to the radio medium and who understand its power in shaping the social and business landscape of our country.

She asked: "Do you date as Maps, the guy on TV, magazine, movies, that guy?

" Maps replied: "So this is probably the trickiest thing about going into dating, this is sort of where I am in life now, e "And you immediately go in hesitantly with a lot of apprehension as to whether this person wants to be in something because of what they think you are like and what they've seen, if they knew you before, or whether it's a genuine organic growth of some sort of likeness for someone." t becomes a whole other thing whether they can handle the long hours and the feeling of neglect and giving other people and platforms attention.

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KAYA FM 95.9 is a rich mix of music, news, sport and topic driven features.

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