Sat nav updating

Posted by / 15-Oct-2017 20:59

Many still prefer having maps pre-installed on their sat-navs, rather than relying on their smartphone’s data connection to ensure map data can be downloaded on the fly.

What’s more, dedicated sat-navs will usually feature shine-free screens and you don’t have to worry about interruptions such as phone calls or notifications.

Die Mittelkonsole verläuft durchgängig bis in den Fond, wo sie als Ablagefach zwischen den beiden Einzelsitzen dient. Für den 335i werden 50.750 Euro fällig, die Dieselvariante 330d schlägt mit 49.000 Euro zu Buche.

Locate the Software Update option in the menu and follow the instructions on the screen. But there’s one final question: what if you add a Combox or NBT Navigation using a Bimmer Tech upgrade kit and BMW introduces an essential main software update sometime down the road? Just remove the Combox/NBT before taking your BMW to your dealer for the update. If it needs recoding as sometimes happens, just contact our tech team and we’ll get it going again in no time.

The bottom line is, i Drive and Combox Media functionality can really make driving and using your BMW infinitely more enjoyable.

If your Combox or NBT i Drive is factory-installed, you would download the update file from BMW using your VIN number.

If you installed the Bimmer Tech Combox Retrofit Kit or Bimmer Tech NBT Navigation Retrofit Kit, BMW’s records will still reflect that your car doesn’t have the new hardware, and therefore, won’t show that you qualify for the software update.

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